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Karl talks to Cyril Jean, Chairman and CEO of PXCOM, a Worldwide leader in inflight digital content.

With nearly 50 million of inflight users, PXCom collects the most important database of information for e-tourism industry and travel organizations

With digital media saturated and bundled with ad-blocking dramatically reduces the visibility and the effectiveness of campaigns, so mobile devices have become the main travelers companion.

The inflight ad market so far was expansive and limited to magazine and pre-roll videos without any targeting capability.

In 2013, PXCom founders, Olivier and Cyril started a new era in the travel marketing industry: A new inflight communication standard allowing to Marketing Professionals and Advertising Managers to publish their digital content on the most important airlines.

One single platform to load, launch and monitor easily your campaigns on airlines.

1).  Affordable prices that fits every business size.

2).  A mobile-based communication with a brands target market.

3).  Metrics to drive a brands ROIs and campaigns.

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