Corporate Governance

Is your Board comprised of independent, diverse directors with experience and ideas or just business insiders?
Are your Board members challenging you and contributing value or merely rubber stamping reports and ideas?
Does your Board assess itself and its own processes or just those of the management team?

Value-Added Board Governance for Private Companies


Let us help you form and lead a professional advisory board to focus on growth and risk: • Gain first-class advice and guidance from experienced experts who’ve been through multiple inflexion points of a business.

  • Generate innovative ideas and strategies for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Add to the brand value of your business with professional governance practices and processes

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PART FOUR – What Options Do You Have?


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PART ONE – What is Corporate Governance?
PART TWO – Forming Of An Effective Board?
PART THREE – What is the purpose of a board?
PART FOUR – What Options Do You Have?